What is cardsharing?
Cardsharing is a method Allowing watch satellite television without card in your receiver.


What do I need?
You need a cardsharing-ready receiver and internet connection.
When registering to our service you declare that you are ligitimate owner of original subscription card with your provider in your country.

How I know my receiver is cardsharing-ready?
Usually the receiver with LAN port can do cardsharing. The best known are devices Dreambox, Octagon, Clarke-tech, IP-Box and many others. Read the receiver manual.


How does it work?
Most channels received from satellites are encrypted. You must buy card from your provider and pay every month. This card can decode channels and you can watch TV. With our service you do not need any card. We will send internet decode data directly to your receiver via.


How much this service cost?
Depending on how many packages you want to watch, prices start from $ 1 per month for many packages.


What is protocol and which type you offer?
Protocol is type of communication between your receiver and our server. We offer all kinds of protocols, as seeking camd3, newcamd, cccam and.


How to choose protocol?
You have to check what protocols are supported by your reciever. If you do not know, you can choose newcamd, it is suitable for most devices or read your receiver manual.


Is this service safe?
Yes our service is very safe, we use only secured connections to your receiver, we not ask any personal data from Thurs you, we have SSL certificate, we log your IP address not Thurs. Our service is 100% anonymous.


How fast do I need internet?
You need slow, but stable dsl, cable or 3G internet connection. When you look TV with us you need only. 3MB of data for every day watching. Careful, if you do not have stable connection, picture can stop often when watching TV.


What registration data you need?
For registering you need to choose some "username" (not real name) and password. That is all we need. Even your email address is optional.


How can I pay for this service?
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Liqpay, Moneybookers and many others.

How long is activation of the service?
After you choose the package and make the payment the activation is done instantly. You can start watch your favorite channels in 5 minutes after registration.


Can I use the service on two receivers?
No, one account is valid only for one receiver. If our system detects double login or re-share, you get banned.

Can I use twin tuner receiver?
For twin tuner receiver there is additional 50% price up for each package. You have to send an email to [email protected] for activation.

Do you offer free trial account?
No but you can buy 3 days package starting $ 1.


TV stopped. What can I do?
Check you settings, maybe our system banned you for dual login or for re-sharing. Ban lasts from 30 minutes to permanently ban up to type of violation. Please always follow the rule 1 account = 1 receiver = 1 channel ( unless twin tuner). If you have any kind of problem you can contact our support. https://www.cardshare.cc/articles/view/3


Discount rate options

  • 200  -  300$   =   2%
  • 300  -  400$   =   4%
  • 400  -  500$   =   6%
  • 500  -  600$   =   8%
  • 600  -  700$   = 10%
  • 700  -  800$   = 11%
  • 800  -  900$   = 12%
  • 900  -  1000$ = 14%
  • 1000- 1100$  = 16%
  • 1100- 1200$  = 18%
  • 1200- xxx$     = 20%

Register > Choose Package > Pay > Watch TV